Handmade Wooden Heat Vents

The new home of Storch Woodworking's heat registers.

For years, we have sourced heat registers to match our flooring from Joanne Storch at Storch Woodworking. Joanne honed these registers over 30 years to make them strong, efficient and gorgeous. We love their clean, elegant design and their high-quality, metal-free construction. Our customers love the generous air flow and the insert-and-frame system that allows the register to sit flush with the floor.

So, we got anxious when she told us she was retiring. Where were we going to get these beautiful wood vents now? We didn't want to lose this great product.

After more conversation with Joanne, we learned that she wanted to find someone to train to continue her legacy. We were ecstatic when she agreed to pass this product on to us.

After many hours training with Joanne, we're excited to be carrying on her tradition of handmade heat registers, crafted right here in the Zena Forest. We're going to make you proud, Joanne!

Zena Forest employee Paul during a training session with the master, Joanne Storch.

Joanne's registers come in four styles to fit all applications: 

  • Pre-framed for new installations

  • Retro style vents for existing flooring and restoration projects

  • Toe kicks for cabinet work

  • Cold air returns for larger ducts

All are available in most North American species, including Red Oak, Eastern White Oak, Eastern Maple, Hickory, Birch, Madrone, Walnut, Oregon White Oak and Western Bigleaf Maple.


Pre-Framed vents have a removable insert in a mitered 1 3/4" frame for flush installation in new floors. 


Retro style vents are designed for use over existing hardwood floors or other flooring types. They have a 3/8" rounded, 1" lip that sits on top of your floor.

Toe Kicks

Ok, but what if you have a vent under a cabinet? That's where toe kicks come in. These small registers allow air movement out from underneath cabinets.

Cold Air Returns

We make each cold air return individually to fit your duct. Cold air returns have a 3/8" grid of wood with 3/4" by 1  1/2" air flow openings. Returns come with or without frames.


Didn't see what you're looking for? Contact us for custom sizing, species and styles.